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Welcome to monthly summary for Ada & Canyon County.

The data is updated every month on website around the 3rd to 10th of every month. The Hennessey Report in 2011 will be be posted at 2nd, 3rd and 4th QTR. 

I did not post a 1st QTR report due to other projects, feel free to read the Vacant Lot Study I did for Ada County.

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The Hennessey Report - 4th Quarter End 2011  New 2/1/2012

The Hennessey Report - 3rd Quarter End 2011 

The Hennessey Report - 2nd Quarter End 2011 - 

Ada County Vacant Lot Absorption Study -

The Hennessey Report - 2010 New Construction Summary 

The Hennessey Report - 4rd Quarter End 2010  

The Hennessey Report - 3rd Quarter End 2010  

The Hennessey Report - 2nd Quarter End 2010     

The Hennessey Report - 1st Quarter End 2010        

The Hennessey Report - Janaury 2010      
(includes year-end New Construction Builder's Report)

The Hennessey Report - December 2009        

The Hennessey Report - November 2009

The Hennessey Report - October 2009


Alway remember...."Figures Lie and Liars Figure"


This website contains raw data taken from IMLS. The information is edited and reviewed for format and context by Hennessey Appraisals.

The raw data obtained is accredited to Intermountain IMLS. The statistics , data analysis charts, graphs is done by Hennessey Appraisals.

No Individual Sold History data should be found on this Website. If an error did occur, please let Hennessey Appraisals know to fix the issue.